Gray Engineering Solutions specialise in pump maintenance and servicing.

We are agents for Southern Cross and Onga Pumps but can service and supply all brands of pumps. We currently service four major irrigation schemes in the Canterbury region.

Preventative maintenance plans are setup and all the required maintenance is undertaken by our experienced team. Pumps can be transported to our workshop for complete overhauls or can be rebuilt onsite. Our staff are trained in the correct installation requirements for bearing and seal replacement in pumps and other equipment. The vibration analysis, part of our preventative maintenance program is the option of using vibration data.

Vibration analysis helps you monitor and detect issues using vibration data. We use this data in two different ways. The first is we take multiple readings over time and use as a comparison for the machines condition. Secondly we can have the individual data analysed to find the current issues it may have as per below.

Imbalance · Bearing failures · Mechanical looseness · Misalignment · Resonance and natural frequencies · Electrical motor faults · Bent shafts · Gearbox failures
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