Dairy Yards

New, Upgrades & Repair

Gray Engineering Solutions are experienced at installing new dairy yards and backing vates. Whether it’s a new yard or an upgrade our team have the experience to get the job done and can help advise on designs and layouts of your dairy yard. We work with many different builders and although based in Canterbury we work all over the South Island. Our team can also advise on maintenance and repair requirements for your dairy yard, backing gates and rotary platforms.

Gray Engineering solutions

Dairy Yard Products

Rotary Backing Gates
  • Can span up to 20m
  • Use McConnel Drives with slip clutches 
  • Integrated wash nozzle system with optional scraper 
  • Strong, durable design construction 
  • Span up to 20M
  • Drive units are enclosed so motors and chains are shielded from the environment and also much safer
  • Strong durable design and construction
  • Lurithane wheels are machined to match the pipe top rail to increase grip and reliability
Solar Backing Gates
  • Completely wireless running on 24vdc
  • No stray voltage
  • No pesky cable down the side of the yard
  • Smart steering system 
  • Lurithane wheels are machined to the top of the rail therefore increasing traction
  • Specialised clamping system limits the chance of the backing gate coming off the top rail
  • Span up to 18M
  • Solar battery system with wireless controller 
  • Lightweight durable frame
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